Pete & Anthony

Waiheke Island . New Zealand
There is not enough words to describe these two. Pete & Ant have amazing energy together, as individuals well…it’s not hard to see why they have so many friends. No surprise at all that the gang were happy to cross the Tasman to celebrate their love with them.

Chris & Michelle

Williamsburg . New York
These two both have hearts of gold and there’s plenty of emoji’s in this day. What went down at Divera Drive afterward was also the most wild dance floor action I have ever witnessed. All around, this one filled up the heart, as I’m sure it did for all in attendance.

Claudia & Anthony

San Benedetto . Italy
You couldn’t get a more perfect match or two more legendary people. So much fun and feels on Claudia and Anthony’s wedding day, a perfect reflection of these guys and their connection with each other. Congratulazioni guys.

Tash & Phil

Uluwatu . Bali
An amazing adventure on the lush coast of Uluwatu. Tash the Yoga instructor marries Phil the race car driver, what a perfect balance. Bali was the most magical place to set the stage for the big day and every moment of it was just that.

Jessie & Quinn

Mammoth Lakes . California
It was well worth the journey out to Mammoth Lakes at such a beautiful time of the year to capture Jessie and Quinn’s story. Truly an old fashion love tale and it all came together in such an incredible place which was very fitting and suited these guys down to a tea. It was so great being there, we feel like we have new friends now.

Laura & Jai

Seminyak + Uluwatu . Bali
Jai had the good fortune of meeting Laura, and vice versa, far far away from the cliffs of Uluwatu, but when it came to bringing family together this was the perfect meeting place. A week long celebration followed, surrounded by beautiful scenery, none of which outshone the beautiful bride.

Darling & Matt

Blue Mountains
It wasn’t the frosty breeze causing eyes to water out in Edith, just some genuine feels going around for Darling & Matt. Sometimes, you accidentally meet someone because you posted saucy comments about them on a social media site, not realising they were also tagged in the post : / In Darling’s case it turned out to be the best thing she ever did.

Kiera & Jared

Queenstown . New Zealand
Keira and Jared planned an amazing event with family and friends cradled by the surrounding mountains. Standing on a grassy country hill Jared and Keira said I do while breathing in the alpine air, and just to add some extra adventure to the day they took it to expert level and got themselves air lifted to their own little peak for some selfies.

Alice & Harrison

University of Sydney
The sweetest two people on earth getting married, that’s what this was. We were blown away at the thoughtfulness of Harrison’s marriage proposal and the thought put into the wedding day was no different. A stunning event with a meaningful venue selection on the grounds of Sydney University, where Alice & Harrison had studied together and fallen in love.

Lara & Cass / custom film

A special custom film for Lara & Cast. These guys (girls) Lara Hotz Cass Mezups are two of our favourite cool cats. They have an extraordinary connection and we are so stoked to share their day with y’all.

Leonie & Thuc

These guys tied the knot on the Lone Pine Lawn at Vaucluse House then partied all night at Pier One. An epic day with lots of feels and fun.

Morgan & Angie + Super 8

Byron Bay
Two total legends getting married, so much fun and energy from these two. It was party times all around and Morgan and Angie were doing it full tilt!

Abbie & Jimmy

Launceston . Tasmania
Abbie & Jimmy’s day was a collection of morning mist, summer rain, golden afternoon sun and starlit night skies. A little frost in the evening only added to the Tasmanian feel. They were married in the afternoon, then we went for a walk in the woods, and rounded the evening off with fire barrels and great music. A perfect day.
Leanne & Rede

Leanne & Rede

What a crazy fun and alive day! Leanne & Rede’s wedding was such a top shelf occasion full of energy and good vibes in every direction. Beautiful words spoken and an amazing country backdrop which we created ourselves just for the video ; )

Raelynn & Nathan

Such a perfectly celebrated day and some beautiful words spoken by many people. Raelynn and Nathan’s celebrations had it all and these guys clearly are so in love with each other. It was easy to make magic on the screen.

Bianca & Ruben

It was so special for us to share the day with these guys and their amazing families on such a big occasion. Incredible people all round and the depth between Ruben and Bianca was obvious to all. An incredible bunch, and that dress….only outshone by Bianca herself.

Dominique & Sunny

After an epic journey, divided by oceans at times and sometimes just apartments in the same block, Dominique and Sunny made it here and we got to share this special day with them. There was fireworks when Dominique reached the isle and saw Sunny…..followed by actual fireworks.

Rosa & George


Sometimes it can take a while to realise someone is actually digging on you, which was the case for Rosa. I’m sure George is glad she eventually realised (…or did she know all along! ;)

Journey To The Highlands

Hello May
This was a heap of fun and hopefully it shows in the film! Set on the grounds of an amazing family farm we basically were allowed to take over the place for the day and create this film along with some amazing photos from Jai Long.

Issue 32

Had the opportunity to shoot an amazing fashion bts with the White Magazine crew and Mr James Bennet shooting stills. I love dusty old rooms.


Love is a story worth telling. That’s why we are film makers and have been for over 12 years now. When we began, we wanted to bring a new angle to wedding film making, we wanted to make art and tell the story in a new way. Stories, in general, are something we are very drawn to and we believe film making is the most immersive and emotive way you can tell them. We love our home in Newcastle Australia but we also love travelling the seven seas to film around the world. It keeps us freshly inspired.
A film can capture the feeling and atmosphere of your day and the best bit is you have it forever to relive with family, friends, and even your own children. Our aim with every film is to create something as personal and unique as your unique story.
What we offer is both powerful digital cinema as well as the nostalgic beauty of 8mm film under the same roof, and we have skilled craftsman in both. Telling your tale is our big focus and we want to be sure the heart element is there as well as the excitement and electricity.



This is our couple shoot option which you can add to any package or book as a stand alone film. This is a great little window to peer back through from this exciting time, or even use as a save the date invitation? We take you out for the afternoon in some idyllic locations and get some shots with you at a relaxed pace. A great way to time capsule the pre wedding excitement.


The Film Dust is a perfect way to capture the magic and share a beautifully cinematic film with your friends and family, sure to bring back the feels. 8hrs of coverage means we can comfortably cover ceremony onwards, and even some preparations if we’re clever.
The Gold Dust delivers a stunning, professionally produced film + many extras so you are guaranteed to capture all of the amazing moments that happen on your day. 10hrs of coverage means we have plenty of time for each section of the day. This is our most popular package and many of the films in our gallery were created from this package.
The Moon Dust was created for those who want to go above the tree tops. With this package you are getting our team at full tilt, we step up production to 6K digital cinema camera’s which is kind of a big deal, we add drone coverage, audio mastering, a 3 operator team and more. This also allows for the broadest range creative options when crafting your story and we do all of this in a way that won’t crowd your day. The Moon Dust guarantees a timeless masterpiece.



Nothing matches real Super 8 film for vintage value. Seeing your wedding in 8mm film is like looking back on it in 30 years time, only without the wait. The nostalgia and warmth a real Super 8 film camera gives, using real Kodak film stock, is unmatched. The grainy darks and glowing highlights are something that cannot be replicated in our opinion. You have to have the real thing.


Relive your day in a animated way! This is a discipline of filmmaking that is becoming increasing popular in music video. The frame by frame effect creates a feel that has to be seen to be understood, and it gives us the ability to do some pretty funny stuff with your decorations.


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